No matter where you’re coming from or moving to, it can take a while adjust to life in a new place. For example, you must contend with making new friends, finding your favorite new grocery store or gym, and adjusting to your new commute. To help you settle into your new routines faster, here are some tips for adjusting well:

Do Plenty of Research

The last thing you want to do is move to a new, big city without knowing anything about it. Before the big move, make sure you do plenty of research, so you can understand the area a little better. Thankfully, with the internet at your fingertips, exploring a new place digitally is easier than its ever been. To scope out the best neighborhoods, browse through Airbnb’s helpful neighborhood guides. Though these are designed for travelers, they’re also helpful for newcomers trying to pinpoint the areas that best suit their lifestyles and tastes. Use Walk Score to research your options for commuting, Street Advisor to browse pictures and read reviews, and Yelp and Eater to find new restaurants in your neighborhood. By doing research ahead of the move, you’ll feel more comfortable during your first weeks and months following the move.

Know Your Transportation Options

It’s not easy to navigate a city you don’t know much about. For example, if you’re moving to New York City, you’ll realize ditching your car in favor of the subway is ideal. But, if you’re moving to Austin or another Southern city, you might realize owning a car is almost a must. Walk Score (mentioned above), is a great resource for checking out your commuting options. It rates each neighborhood according to walkability, bikeability, and public transit access. Also check the website of the local government for information on bikeshare programs, rideshare opportunities, and available public transportation. If you plan out your new commute in advance, it will be one less thing to stress about as you start your new job!

Say Yes to New Opportunities

Anytime a social opportunity arises, say yes to it. Be open to new people and experiences. This helps you to get to know your new city better, meet new people, and make new friends too. Whether its drinks with your coworkers or a potluck with your neighbors, be open and say yes. In this situation, it is best to cast a wide net and see what sticks. Don’t just create a new social life reactively, seek out new opportunities to meet people proactively. Meet Up is a great tool for finding groups of people who share your common interests, whether that’s training for a marathon or learning the cha-cha.

Find Local Stores

When you first arrive in your neighborhood, take a walk around and explore your new surroundings. Find local stores like your go-to pharmacy, grocery store, gas station, coffee shop, and more. After you figure out where your new stores are, you will feel more comfortable in your new neighborhood.

Keep in Touch

Stay in touch with your old friends but don’t rely on the memory of your old home too much; this will only make you more homesick. Though you should still reach out to your old friends and family, don’t let this hold you back from living your best life in your new city.

Be Patient

Getting adjusted to your new life in your new city takes time. Even if you loved your old life, your new life can be just as great if you put in the work and the time. Remember, though, that it won’t look exactly like the life you led in your old city. You likely spent years building relationships, learning the area, and building memories. Though your new home can be just as wonderful, it will take time to get there.

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