While moving to a new town is hard enough, moving to a major metropolitan area like Boston is even tougher, especially when you factor in all the little things you must do, like registering your car, getting a driver’s license, and setting up utilities. If you’re moving to the Northeast in the middle of winter, you’ll want to make sure the heat is on when you get there.

But who do you call to set those up? How do you know you’re getting a good deal? Furthermore, which utilities are your responsibility and which ones does your landlord take care of for you?
If you’re living in an apartment, there’s a good chance that utilities like water and sewer will be paid for by your landlord (although they’ll be included in your rent). Utilities like gas and electricity, however, will be your responsibility. Here are tips for turning on the utilities you’ll need:


As a city, Boston continues to focus on providing clean energy solutions to its nearly 5 million metro residents. In 2013, Boston was ranked first in energy efficiency by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). Massachusetts underwent full energy deregulation in 1998, which means that customers will have their choice of which electricity provider to use.

The largest and most common provider is Eversource, which operates out of Westwood, MA. This company primarily focuses on clean energy living and offers natural gas as well. Their rates are competitive, and you can sign up for new service through the link above.

The other providers that Bostonians use are Constellation and Direct Energy, both of whom have short and long-term contract plans that offer lower rates the longer you sign with them.


The Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) is the oldest water and sewer company in Boston. It opened in 1977 and services over one million people every day. A list of rates is available here, as well as a change of ownership form if you’re planning on buying a home. The old utilities should be left on temporarily, but it’s up to you to change it to your name.

Internet and Cable

You can’t live without staying connected, right? Fortunately, Boston has several options to choose from for internet and cable provider, including Xfinity (or Comcast), AT&T, RCN, and Verizon. Since those are all nationwide chains, you’ll have a wide variety of programs and promotions to take advantage of, but if you’d rather set up service through a local provider, here’s a list with more options.

Garbage and Recycling

After you move in, you’ll probably have a decent pile of trash for pick up, so make sure you are aware of the days and times that trash pickup comes through your neighborhood. Boston’s Department of Public Works handle all trash pickups and special requests. To file a new service request, contact them through their website.

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