Moving to a new office is never easy. Whether your commercial space is on the first floor or the top floor, you must relocate office furniture, computers, servers, boxes of documents, and more. Rather than trying to get your employees to help with the details, consider hiring a professional moving company. Commercial movers ensure that everything gets moved into your new place and set up properly, so there’s less interruption to your business.

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Commercial Moving Companies Boston

A typical office move involves a few different steps. Start by using our quote form to find licensed, local movers who specialize in commercial relocations. Cheap Movers Boston lets you request quotes from up to four vetted movers in the Boston area.

Once you’re connected with a moving company representative, discuss the details of your move and the services you require. From here, the mover will schedule a walkthrough to review all the furniture, boxes, and other items that must be moved. Additionally, they will view the floorplan and consider building logistics (elevators, stairs, and hallways). This walkthrough is instrumental to preparing a detailed moving estimate.

After that, the moving team comes in and takes care of the details. They will get everything loaded, moved, reassembled, and unloaded on your behalf. Some movers even have special teams to setup your IT network and phone lines. Others accommodate relocations over nights and weekends, allowing you to continue business as usual.

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Professional Moving Services

An office relocation differs from a household move in volume and organization, especially if you’re moving with dozens of employees or you’re moving multiple floors from one office building to the next. For these reasons, it’s important to work with a commercial moving company. Movers who specialize in moving businesses offer the following services:

Office Moves

Office moves will involve moving everything that you need from one office to the next. In some instances, companies will help you with disconnecting electronics, packing up computers, and other details.

Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocations may involve relocating your entire corporate headquarters from one building to another. This can involve a significant amount of work because of the amount of furniture and other accessories that need to be moved. It may also involve moving key employees and their families to an office in a different city. Professional movers make this transition easier on your team.

Specialty Moves

Various specialty moves may also need to be handled based upon what is going on. For example, you may be growing and therefore only be moving a portion of your items to another location. Or, you may need help transporting and setting up new desks and cubicles.

Office Storage

Office storage may be another aspect to consider. If you are moving from one corporate location to another and you don’t have room for everything or there is no need to have certain items on premises, these items can be placed into storage.

Working with a corporate moving company in Boston has the potential to save you significant stress. You can get the help in every aspect that is needed so that you don’t have to trouble your employees. It also protects all your items throughout the move, so that it’s one less thing for you to worry about. Regardless of what kind of corporate move you have going on, you can depend on professionals every step of the way. To request a free quote, contact Cheap Movers Boston today!

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