Relocating to a new city can be stressful for anyone. As an adult, you may worry about how the relocation process will go and how easily you will get settled into your new home. You may even have anxiety about starting a new job. Just as you have stress and even fear about what the future holds, the same is true for your children. In fact, children may feel stress and anxiety at a much higher level because of their inability to understand some things related to the process. If you want to make the relocation process as easy as possible for your children, follow these tips.

Share All of the Pertinent Facts

One of the most significant sources of anxiety for children who are preparing to move relates to the unknown. They want to know when they are moving, if they can come back for a visit, where they will live, if their toys are coming along with them to the new house, what their new school will be like, and more. Moving can be a scary experience for children, so take time to explain all aspects of the process. Do not assume that they know what to expect.

Get Your Kids Excited

Another excellent idea is to get your children excited about the move. A new city holds many wonderful new experiences. There may be professional sports teams, museums, parks, attractions and more in the new city. The new neighborhood may have a huge park, a pool with a water slide or other features. In addition, you can involve kids in decorating their new rooms, or the new home may have special features that are not currently in your home.

Involve Your Kids

When your children watch their home slowly being disassembled and packed away in boxes, they might feel stressed and anxious. However, you involve them in the process, they will stay busy. They will also see items being placed in boxes and properly labeled. For children who are uncertain about where items are going when they seemingly disappear from their usual spaces, their involvement can help them to be more comfortable. Younger kids can even draw on the boxes while you pack.

Say Goodbye

Depending on your children’s preferences, you can plan a going away party. This can be something low-key with just a few friends, or it can be an elaborate event. Because your home may be disassembled, consider hosting the party at a local park, the neighborhood pool or a friend’s house. You could include your kids in the party planning efforts, or you could make the party a surprise. Think about how your kids will respond to a party before taking this step.

Each child is unique, so some steps that may ease one child’s anxiety may worsen another child’s anxiety. You know your children best. Consider how each of these ideas may improve your child’s comfort level with the moving experience or think outside the box for other ways to help your child through this process.

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