Statistics indicate that the average person will move almost a dozen times over the course of his or her lifetime. No matter how many times an individual may relocate, there are always several unique challenges that need to be addressed to ensure the process remains free of issue or complications. From completing the move in fewer trips to minimizing the risk of a lift-related injury, the following strategies for packing up a moving truck can play a major role in ensuring a more successful move.

1. Create a Master Packing List

Creating a master itinerary can have several advantages. Consulting with a packing list ensures that nothing gets left behind and that specific items are easier to find and locate following the move. Breaking the list into smaller parts and creating a packing checklist for each room or area helps to keep things organized once the loading process begins.

2. Utilize Safe Body Mechanics When Lifting

An injury seriously complicates a move and even lifting small boxes and items can pose a risk for those who fail to employ proper body mechanics. Maintaining proper grip and posture is of paramount importance when loading a moving truck. Effective communication when working with others to lift a heavy object is also of paramount concern.

3. Keeping Heavy Objects as Low as Possible

Stacking heavier boxes on-top of other items is a common mistake that may have disastrous consequences. Keeping heavier items as low as possible reduces the risk of a fall or load-shift and can improve the ride quality and truck handling When stacking boxes, always begin with the heaviest.

4. Use Desks, Tables and Chairs to Secure Middle Layers

Even sturdy cardboard boxes may move around, deform under pressure or even buckle under the load. Using desks, tables, and other flat pieces of furniture to stabilize the load helps to ensure that everything can be kept more secure. Always ensure that all furniture is properly tied down and secured, otherwise tables or desks could be no more than a liability.

5. Keep Small, Fragile and Important Items in the Cab

Placing breakables and other essential items, such as medications or important documentation, in the back of a moving truck can be a serious mistake. While cab space may be limited, keeping the most critical items close by is never a concern that you should take lightly. Ensuring quick and easy access to vital items while on the road could make a world of difference.

6. Selecting the Right Sized Vehicle

Even the best packing tips can be of little real benefit to those who have selected the wrong vehicle. While minimizing the number of trips needed to move a household is often the chief concern, the overall cost of rental and the availability of parking at both the old and new residence are other issues that should be weighed carefully. Demand for vehicles can also fluctuate and making rental arrangements as early as possible is often a smart move.

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